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Set your team up for success.

I can help equip your team with the knowledge, skills, and support they need to excel in their roles, deliver exceptional guest experiences, and contribute to the success of your business.

I specialize in empowering businesses to achieve excellence through effective team training programs, including training program creation, onboarding programs and also certification courses.  I help businesses streamline their operations, train teams efficiently, and enhance the onboarding process for new employees.


In partnership with Hospitality Minnesota,

I instruct SERVSAFE Certification courses

and exam proctor for SERVSAFE Certification.

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  • Training Inefficiencies: Struggling with outdated or ineffective training programs that fail to adequately prepare employees for their roles.

  • Compliance Challenges: Industries such as food service must adhere to strict regulations and standards, making certification courses like SERVSAFE essential for compliance.

  • Employee Turnover: High employee turnover rates can result in frequent onboarding and training needs, disrupting operations and increasing costs.

This package revolves around Training Program creation, Onboarding Creation and SERVSAFE Certification Courses. I work closely with clients to develop customized training programs tailored to their specific needs, ensuring that teams are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to excel. Additionally, we offer SERVSAFE certification courses and proctor SERVSAFE exams to help businesses maintain food safety standards and compliance.

  • Restaurants and Food Service Businesses: Businesses in the hospitality industry seeking to maintain food safety standards and compliance with SERVSAFE certification.

  • Retailers: Businesses in the retail sector looking to enhance customer service and sales through effective training programs.

  • Corporate Clients: Organizations seeking to improve employee performance, productivity, and compliance through comprehensive training initiatives.


Customized Training Program Development:

  1. Assessment of your business's specific training needs, including skill gaps, industry standards, and organizational goals.

  2. Design and development of a customized training program tailored to address the unique challenges and requirements of your business.

  3. Creation of engaging training materials, modules, and resources.


Efficient Onboarding Processes Implementation:

  1. Evaluation of your current onboarding processes and identification of areas for improvement in efficiency and effectiveness.

  2. Development and implementation of streamlined onboarding procedures to ensure new hires are integrated quickly and seamlessly into your team.

  3. Provision of onboarding checklists, resources, and templates to guide managers through the onboarding process, minimizing errors and reducing time-to-productivity.


Team Performance Evaluation and Feedback Resources:

  1. Establishment of performance evaluation frameworks and metrics to assess team performance, identify strengths and areas for development.

  2. Implementation of regular feedback mechanisms, including performance reviews, team meetings, and one-on-one coaching sessions, to provide ongoing support and guidance to team members.

  3. Team Incentive Program development customized to your business goals. 


Additional Deliverables:

Customized Training Handbook:

  1. Creation of a comprehensive training handbook containing essential information, policies, and procedures for all team members.

  2. Clear guidelines and instructions on standard operating procedures, customer service protocols, and safety regulations, ensuring consistency and compliance among your company.

Team Training Services start at $149 depending on the scope of services.

Why M. Harries & Company?

m. harries & company (10).png
m. harries & company (10).png
m. harries & company (10).png

My Team Training offerings are specifically designed to support hospitality businesses and entrepreneurs facing challenges in hiring, training, and onboarding team members effectively. I understand the critical role that

a well-trained and motivated team plays in delivering exceptional guest experiences and driving business success. These training solutions are tailored to optimize team performance, streamline onboarding processes,

and set your teams up for success.

Customized Training Programs:

We understand that every business is unique,

which is why we create tailored training programs

that address the specific challenges

and objectives of each client.


Expert Instruction:

Our team consists of certified professionals with extensive experience

in training and certification, ensuring that clients receive

high-quality instruction and support.


Convenient Certification:

As a certified SERVSAFE proctor, I offer convenient certification courses and exams to help businesses maintain compliance

and meet hospitality industry standards.

Find freedom in your business.

My Training Program Creation and SERVSAFE Certification services are designed to address your headaches and provide businesses with the freedom to focus on growth and success.

By investing in effective training programs and certification courses,

you can improve employee performance, enhance compliance,

and achieve their business goals with confidence.

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